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Renault has chosen the Frankfurt Motor Show to unveil Laguna Coupé Concept, its vision of a top-of-the-range grand tourer Coupé. Intended for the discerning motorist, who understands performance, driving pleasure, and refinement, Laguna Coupé Concept successfully marries high-tech with high cool. Underpinned by the Four-wheel Active Drive chassis, its boasts a brand new V6 dCi powertrain developed as part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.
Built on the same platform as New Laguna, Laguna Coupé Concept is a powerful, elegant affirmation of the long tradition of classic coupés. Rooted in its grand touring heritage, Laguna Coupé Concept embodies Renault’s vision of the sports Coupé.

The look and lines of Laguna Coupé Concept share a common bond with the Fluence concept car (2004). It measures 4.685m in length and is distinguished by its flowing, thoroughbred profile, emphasized by a long nose and very short rear overhang. Its aerodynamic crease lines rise from below the grille then powerfully up on to the car’s flanks, elegantly underlining the wings. The lines sweep on to the rear of the car, where they come together over the boot, underscoring the muscularity of car’s shoulders. The glazed area is highlighted by the pure arc of its rim.

The low, wide, robust aluminium grille is visually original and hints at a powerful engine behind it. This sense of power is further reinforced by the long, centrally-ribbed bonnet that springs straight from the world of Coupé grand tourers. Its front end houses two headlamp units that give it a haughty look as they stretch back along the front fenders.

Premiered on the Nepta concept car in 2006, the LED headlamps use a technology based on the reflection and propagation of light. The light beams from the main headlamps are reflected by crystal-shaped transparent blocks. The intensity and distribution of the light automatically adapts to the driving conditions. The two LED foglamps blend perfectly with this powerfully modelled front end.

Two narrow, elongated lights, together with the converging crease lines, lend the rear a uniquely stylish, luminous look, which gives Laguna Coupé Concept an aura of refinement and power. Encased in the bodywork, the rear lamps are proudly displayed like gems of technology. They are further emphasised by the flowing crease lines which run above and parallel to them before converging towards the full-length glass roof which tapers down towards a central tail panel. Through the roof’s glazed area the third stop light can be seen. It gives off a soft-focus glow and, like a sort of fountain of light, it faintly mirrors the distinctive pattern of the rear lights. To round off the overall impression of sobriety and elegance, the lower rear end houses an air vent that incorporates two profiled exhausts.

The two frameless doors boast their own lights and open on to a totally original cabin. The scissor doors have dedicated Stabilus hydraulic door stays, which hold doors open at any angle. The door sills are ideally placed to help occupants ease themselves in and out of their seats. They bear the etched acronym ‘4RD’ (French for four wheel steering), which denotes the Active Drive chassis.
Laguna Coupé Concept’s cabin is exactly how the cabin of a high-end Coupé should be. The dash draws on the principal stylistic features of New Laguna, albeit in a more exclusive manner. With its soft, pure lines, it appears weightless and airy. The wave-shape of the central strip is the guiding theme, while two side vents close off a long air-conditioning strip that runs the entire width of the windscreen.

The interior exudes contentment and well-being. A large, originally-shaped screen in the centre of the dashboard stretches out towards the lateral vents, which are styled to resemble jet plane nozzles. Apart from journey information displays (navigation, radio, music players, video, and Bluetooth® phone kit), the screen also displays ambient images inspired by the science of light therapy. The air-conditioning controls are located in the centre of the dashboard, in an easily identifiable dedicated section framed by vents. Designed for intuitive ease of use and reach, they are like crystal gems set in a chrome display case.

In a nod to the design codes of high-end sports Coupés, the spokes of the steering wheel are deployed like the petals of a flower, guiding the driver’s gaze to the binnacles on the dashboard. The ethereal steering column runs into a heavy aluminium shell that houses controls which resemble high-precision micrometers.

Instrumentation is made up of two analogue and digital binnacles in the driver’s line of sight, the fruit of high-precision technology and mechanics comparable to that used in quality clockmaking. The originally shaped binnacles are capped by a porous cowling that lets the light pass and contributes to the way in which the binnacles play with depth and texture. With their mat-finish aluminium surrounds, they have been designed like headlamps.

The cabin‘s fit and finish plays on contrast. The roof, dashboard, central tunnel, and the lower section of the door panels are covered with grey faux leather, whereas the seats and other elements (door pillars, instrument cluster cowling, top of the central armrest) are covered in leather with copper and metal highlights and copper-coloured stitching. Laguna Coupé Concept’s floor is covered with a contemporary, protective, metal mesh.

Driver and passenger can nestle comfortably into the roomy asymmetrical front seats, whose airy architecture provides firm, balanced support. They seats are at one with the chassis and wrap snugly around their occupants. Their backrests, whose colour echoes the Aluminium White of the car’s bodywork, swivel to afford easy access to the back seats, with the front seat cushion sliding automatically forward. The two rear seats are also asymmetrical and separate, but the hugging sweep of the car’s waist-belt gathers them into its U-shape, creating a sense of security. Between the two seats there is a ski flap, on which sits a first aid box. Both rear passengers can sit back and watch what’s showing on the Samsung multimedia players housed in the back of the front seats. The long central tunnel, which houses the slim-style gear lever, the Start/Stop button, and the backlit navigation controls, acts as a link joining front and rear.

The Bose® sound system was tailor-made for Laguna Coupé Concept. The ten speakers treat the four occupants to sound whose standards of quality and power are akin to the acoustic clarity of a concert hall: the perfect accompaniment to the sheer energy of Laguna Coupé Concept.

A Coupé of this class just had to have a powerful, responsive engine to match its elegance and passionate feel. Renault has therefore chosen Laguna Coupé Concept to premiere its brand-new V6 dCi.

The result of close collaboration with Nissan as part of the Alliance, this new 2,993cc V6 dCi block will come as standard. It delivers a peak output of 170-195kW (230-265hp) and a maximum torque of 450-550Nm, depending on the version. Good for 0-100kph in only seven seconds, the engine is outstandingly supple, rounded, and balanced. It responds immediately to the open throttle with power and stretch. It drives through a 6-speed automatic transmission, offering outstanding driving pleasure, well-controlled fuel-consumption, and CO2 emissions lower than 200g/km.

Developed from the same platform as New Laguna, Laguna Coupé Concept is the first car to feature the new four-wheel Active Drive chassis. This high-tech underpinning, developed by expert engineers at Renault Sport Technologies, guarantees the ultimate in sheer sporting sensation and dynamic driving pleasure. It allies agility with stability to set new standards in safe handling. At low speeds the chassis offers greater manoeuvrability, while its road-holding is so true that it cleaves to the road as surely as a train on rails. And so driveable is Laguna Coupé Concept that there is no denying the sheer pleasure of being at the wheel. The car guarantees high-quality ride comfort and peace of mind for occupants, who can feel the benefits of unparalleled standards of active safety.

Laguna Coupé Concept’s 20-inch aluminium wheels lend it poise and emphasize its image of dynamic performance and power. Their helix design cleverly hides the nuts and bolts from sight, while also efficiently ensuring that the brake callipers cool. The generously sized 245/35 Michelin Pilot Sport tyres allow the car to handle like a sports car, but in absolute safety, for even more driving pleasure.

Laguna Coupé Concept makes a statement about its owner’s life-style and personality. A car for the car-lover, it appeals to 40-somethings who are passionate about automobiles and motor sport – connoisseurs who are demanding, ambitious, and driven by a desire for professional success. Prone to falling in love with a car at first sight, they are quite capable of changing brand, and will appreciate the style, the technology, and the design and production qualities of Laguna Coupé Concept.

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Exterior superb, dar... unde sunt manerele usilor? Parca se vede ceva acolo, dar nu-mi dau seama ce.
E doar un desen. Se mai gandesc inca la forma manerelor... taci.gif
O masina concept de nota 10...acu sa vedem daca o sa se materializeze conceptul asta, si care o sa fie infatisarea finala
- de materializat se materializeaza 100% din pacate am banuiala ca fata va fi identica cu cea de la Laguna III si atunci se duce totul de rapa... in rest... superba!!!
Era un filmulet unde era aratata in actiune masinuta...bine, era CGI+filmat...

Manerele sunt pe baza de atingere - atingi caroseria in zona aia si usa "sare" un pic cat sa tragi de ea...
Arata super conceptul asta Laguna Coupe, dar pe cat de bine arata in stadiul asta parca vezi cand o sa-l scoata in varianta de serie o sa fie un MONSTRU marca Reno, asa cum ne-au obisnuit idiotii de francezi cu ultimele lor aparitii. A fost Fluence unde este o masina de serie frumoasa care sa ii urmeze, a fost Nepta ce s-a ales cu conceptul ala??? crea ca l-au aruncat intr-un sertar si l-au uitat acolo. Nu tata ei scot mizerii de masini vezi modus ( brrrrrrrrr), vezi kangoo (brrrr) unde sunt domne formele clasice care dau atat de bine pe masinile nemtesti?
Iete filmuletu in cauza unde arata cum se deschid usile biggrin.gif

"Dezvelirea" la salonul auto de la Frankfurt

- FELICITARI RENAULT!!!... sa speram ca modelul de serie va pastra cat mai mult din concept...
A l e x
Nu cred ca va arata indentic la fata cu Laguna III dar va fi clar mai aproape de ea decat conceptul...

Eu sper sa fie ceva gen 407 si 407 coupe. Asemanare cat sa-ti dai seama ca-s ambele acelas model dar nu masini identice si singura diferenta sa fie numarul de portiere... Daca ma intelegeti...

Manerele nu cred ca vor ramane asa, cu senzori, dar ar fi frumos si f. inedit... Sper sa faca farurile cat mai "negre" si cat mai mici, ca alea clare si mari de "libelula" cum are Sedanul nu au nimic in comun cu sportivitatea... Vor face o mare greseala daca nu lasa masina cum e in concept, pentru ca va fi bestiala...

Nu putem decat sa speram smile.gif
- am vazut un interviu la francezi si cei de la Renault spun ca masina de serie va fi aproape la fel... chiar surprinzator de similara cu acest concept... totul datorita feedbackului de la Frankfurt...
A l e x
Intrebarea e, de ce nu au facut si Laguna III similara cu acest concept ? Dar nu mai conteaza, cui ii va mai pasa de versiunile de mosnegi cand va fi cupeul asta ?
- intrebarea e buna... oricum sunt dispus sa trec cu vederea aspectul Lagunei III daca am ocazia sa cumpar acest coupe...
E absolut BESTIALA masina asta!!! Am vazut ceva poze cu ceva timp in urma dar nu credeam ca sunt reale, dar iata ca masina s-a materializat. In sfarsit punem spune ca Renault are cat de cat o masina de top. victorie.gif party.gif
e superba...dar sigur varianta de serie nu va mai fi asa spectaculoasa...
de preturi sa anuntat ceva??????
A l e x
dumi : N-ai de unde sa stii, se pare ca Renault vor s-o lase in mare parte asa din cauza ca a placut la lume... Vedem noi...

Cat despre pret, nu s-a anuntat nimic, dar parerea mea e ca la noi in tara vor fi ceva gen 30-35.000 in functie de motor, optionale, etc..
arata foarte bine la exterior. demult n-am mai vazut un renault asa frumos.
A l e x
Sper la interior macar sa il faca ceva gen Laguna III normala, ca din concept arata prea urat...
Interiorul va fi probabil apropiat de cel vazut deja pe L3. Si la exterior au mai cumintit-o, din ce se vedea intr-o poza de-a lui ssilviu (a disparut spatiul din jurul lampilor spate).
- poze facute de mine la salonul de la Frankfurt cu Laguna III Coupe si Laguna III...


- raman la impresia ca botul Laguna III e un mare fiasco... in rest masina arata bine atat exterior cat si interior mai ales Grand Tour varful de gama... insa impresia generala cand o vezi pe viu e ca... totul a fost redesenat plecand de la Laguna II... mi se pare cam putin pentru o noua generatie... din cate stiu eu in Laguna II nu se regasea nimic din Laguna I, asta asteptam si aici... cat despre Laguna III Coupe... ei bine, e o alta poveste... poveste de spus si la nepoti... smile.gif)) abia astept sa intre in productia de serie 124.gif
A l e x
Misto poze, felicitari...

Dupa cele din Laguna III, imi dau seama ca nu e cine stie ce nici interiorul... Poate ala de Initiale bej cu navi arata bine dar din pozele tale, mi se pare aiurea de tot si displayul ala central e aceleasi display obosit de la generatia veche de Renouri, ceea ce e aiurea...

Astept verdictul final sa-l dau dupa ce vad masina si eu pe viu, dar acum pot spune ca e o masina mediocra dpdv al design-ului. Mediocra si tinde spre uratica, hehe... Pacat, nu vad de ce n-ar fi incercat s-o faca mai frumoasa...
- din pacate in cea cu interiorul crem nu era voie de intrat... nu inteleg de ce dar poate aveau motivele lor... aia arata cel mai bine in sensul ca si culorile sunt puse fain etc... dar daca stai si judeci la rece totul, dar absolut totul te duce cu gandul la Laguna II, butoane, bord, exterior... ceva in genul iei schita de Laguna II si incepi sa o mai rotunjesti, mai ajustezi ici pe colo, mai pui ceva in plus, mai iei ceva(cazul bordului care e clar redesenat dupa vechea laguna doar ca au renuntat la partea de jos in stil BMW) si tot asa... mie sincer imi pare rau, chiar ma asteptam la cu totul altceva... oricum, ca o ultima speranta ramane Laguna Coupe... o trauma de masina... toti cei prezenti facea numai wow... si acolo erau de la asiatici pana la americani... pot spune ca standurile firmelor ce au traditie in supercars nu au adunat atata lume si mai ales atata admiratie... toti intrebau repr. Renault de la stand ''Dar o veti produce in serie nu-i asa? Dar va ramane asa ca arata fantastic?...'' etc... a avut feedback excelent, daca e sa ne gandim ca Renault a spus ca in functie de reactia publicului se vor decide daca sa o faca sau nu eu cred ca au luat deja decizia pozitiva inca din prima zi a salonului... smile.gif
Foarte fain up.gif Multumim
Poate cineva care se pricepe si are timp sa modifice o poza de la inceputul topicului pt. a 'vedea' cum s-ar prezenta decapotabila? Multumesc.
A l e x
E foarte multa munca. Eu unul nu ma bag.
Renault Active-Drive 4WS to debut on Laguna Coupe

Four-wheel-steering (4WS) is one of those technologies that never really made it past the 1980s in great success. It featured on a string of high-performance Nissan models through the ‘90s but the extra cost and the weight disadvantage of the system won it few fans considering its only real benefit was a slight reduction in understeer. Renault hasn’t given up on the concept and plans to launch a new version called ‘Active Drive,’ which will debut on the new Laguna Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

Renault’s new design uses a computer to monitor steering inputs, vehicle speed and traction every 10 milliseconds and adjusts the angle of the rear wheels to suit. So confident is Renault of its new system that it pitted a Laguna sedan equipped with Active Drive up against a Porsche Boxster in a series of slalom challenges. To remain impartial, the carmaker called on the guys at EVO magazine to test the cars.

The steering is said to be “much more direct” with “sharp turn-in” and understeer was non-existent. The Renault could match the Boxster on speed and agility through the slalom and this was with a diesel powertrain and FWD layout.

The good news is that the 4WS system will eventually filter across to more of the carmaker’s lineup and we suspect other carmakers will follow suit with similar set-ups if successful.

sigur nu o sa intre in productie de serie in varianta aia...mai ales cu portierele alea care se ridica...
totusi...e un avea acelasi succes ca si Renault Spider.

In general, fiecare face ce stie mai bine. Renault face masini de 10-20 mii euro. Porsche face masini de 100 mii. Asta nu inseamna ca Renault nu ar putea face o masina de 100mii. Dar cu tehnologia cumparata de la altii. Ca sigur nu ar investi in dezvoltarea unui sistem de franare super-performant, ca cel de la Porsche. Ar insemna faliment curat.
Asa ca ori le cumperi de la Porsche si cresti pretul, ori le pui pe alea proprii. Dar cu alea proprii, nu va mai concura cu un Porsche. Va concura cu Peugeot. Si oricum lumea nu se pricepe atat de bine, ca sa dea 100.000 pe un Renault chiar daca ar avea performante de Porsche.
Daca il vor face la pret de EOS, va avea succes. Altfel nu. Dar cu usile alea mi se pare ca vor avea succes. Multa lume apreciaza designul, calitatea, performantele si se uita dupa usi care se ridica...

Parerea mea e ca ori il modifica, ori mai bine sa stea in banca lor...Ei si-au luat teapa si cu Vel-Satis si Avantime... Cel mai bine se pricep la masini ieftine...Logan, Clio, Megane, Laguna, Scenic...
A l e x
Pai stai putin andule, nimeni nu a spus ca Laguna Coupe se va bate cu Porsche sau alte super masini... E clar ca va fi cu Eosul, 407 coupe, etc.. ca pret, daca nu chiar putin mai ieftin, ca altfel nu vada nimeni bani...

VelSatisul dar mai ales Avantime-ul au dat gres. Dar ai omis ceva. SUNT URATE ! Originale, ce-i drept, dar au forme bizare... Laguna Coupe arata senzational... Nu cred ca incape comparatie...

Cat despre "masini ieftine", nu uita ca Megane-ul da in 20.000 euro lejer in alte tari, Laguna si Scenicul nici nu mai zic ca se apropie de 30.000... Cum definesti tu "masina ieftina" daca vorbim de vanzari in toata Europa, si nu doar la noi in tara ?
eu apreciez renault-ul pentru curajul cu care a scos tot felul de marci mai mult sau mai putin iesite din comun. Cu unele au dat gres cu altele au avut succes ,si sau luat si altii dupa ei (espace ,twingo etc). ce mult difera masinile renault intre ele pe cand la altii toate sint la fel de la A1 la Q7.(difera doar marimea).Coupe-ul asta nu are un design extravagant cu care ne-a obisnuit renault . Eu cred ca o sa le placa si celor care nu sufera masinile franceze.O sa zica ca are linii nemtesti. wacko.gif
"Cele mai frumoase masini ale lumii"

sursa: aici
In general, fiecare face ce stie mai bine. Renault face masini de 10-20 mii euro. Porsche face masini de 100 mii. Asta nu inseamna ca Renault nu ar putea face o masina de 100mii. Dar cu tehnologia cumparata de la altii. Ca sigur nu ar investi in dezvoltarea unui sistem de franare super-performant, ca cel de la Porsche. Ar insemna faliment curat.
Asa ca ori le cumperi de la Porsche si cresti pretul, ori le pui pe alea proprii. Dar cu alea proprii, nu va mai concura cu un Porsche.

- tot nu inteleg... cum adica sa dezvolte un sistem de franare performant si daca ar face ar da faliment??? pai ei ce crezi ca fac in F1? in Clio Cup... in raliuri? crezi ca nu sunt in stare sa puna un sistem de franare folosit in motorsport pe o masina de serie si sa bata la fund un Porsche? eu cred ca daca vor cu adevarat sa intre pe piata supercar ar avea un cuvant greu de spus... si nu uita ca multe firme cu mai multa sau mai putina traditie in sporturi auto au dat masini poreclite porsche killer... si derivau din turisme extrem de banale... coupe uri etc
A l e x
E clar, conceptul asta a rupt tot (ca si design). Am aratat la mai multi pozele, nu stiu pe nimeni sa fi zis "nu-mi place"

Prosti sa fie cei del a Renault sa nu scoata modelul final cu acelasi design exterior... Hai poate usile Lambo si alte nebunii vor iesi, dar liniile de design ar trebui sa nu se schimbe mai deloc.
foooarte tare....ce n-as da sa am
A l e x
Eee, mai e pana apare in Romania, ai timp sa strangi biggrin.gif
- se pare ca acest concept va fi productie in serie... si va arata chiar la fel in proportie destul de mare...
A l e x
Sa asteptam totusi poze oficiale.
twingooo zic ca ne-au aratat directia de atunci.
- acela era un concept care din start a fost anuntat ca un exercitiu de stil si care nu va fi pus in practica, e plin de astfel de concepte la toti producatorii... restul e pura coincidenta...
Oleleeeeee muicaaaaaaaaaaaa ce faina e masinuta asta!Gata sint fan Reno pe viata! icon_mrgreen.gif wub.gif
user posted image

Foto Spion
vezi pe topicul de laguna 3 din sectiunea de dedicata.
sunt deja acolo?
tocmai ma uitam pe el de teama sa nu fie deja. scuze, o sa ma uit mai bine.
..pentru cei care nu au ajuns inca aici
Ce am primit pe mail de la renault...

Am vazut ca in Franta deja se vinde...sau cel putin o poti configura alaturi de Megane 3....

Dar la Coupe nu este disponibil motorul de 3.0V6dCi...cum nu este disponibil nici pt. Megane 3 motorul 2.0 dCi....
Prezentarea Renault Laguna Coupe si in Romania, Dan Petrescu imaginea in Romania a superbitatii.
Norocosu ce masina i-au dat astia de la RRO wub.gif
masina e wub.gif am urcat in ea la showroom in iasi la bras...super masina de super clasa...o recomand celora carora le cad pantalonii jos din cauza greutatii portofelului biggrin.gif
Hello, today was first meeting for me witn Laguna Coupe.The Car will be Exponate for International Technikal Fair in Plovdiv(Bulgaria ) new Week.
Here is and a Clio Sport,Who i can have a little Driving.
Laguna Coupe price is around 30 000 euro.How mach is Price in Romania?
Greetins from Bulgaria biggrin.gif !
in romania is 26600 euro (vat included - 19% ) for an Dynamique, 2.0 Turbo 170 CP CVA, EURO4, and 25799 euro (vat included) for Dynamique, 2.0 dCi 150 CP, EURO4

more information about specification here:
laguna aceasta este pur si simplu exceptionala.bravo renault
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